Is My Marriage Over?

Is My Marriage Over?
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If your marriage has recently felt like it is in trouble you may be asking yourself, 'Is My Marriage Over?'

Ultimately the answer to that question can only really be answered by yourself, however, what we will do in this article is give you some advice on how you can assess the current state of your marriage, and what evidence to look for that may highlight whether your marriage may be over or not.

Assessing Your Marriage

Before looking at specific scenarios which may point you in the direction of thinking your marriage is over, you should first make an overall assessment of it. Not only can this be helpful in terms of analyzing your marriage, but it can also be useful for yourself when aspects of your analysis highlight where you might be doing something wrong, instead of all your blame being directed towards your spouse.

Assessing Your Marriage

This could even be the first step in saving your marriage as it forces you to take some of the responsibility for its current state, as until you do, it is unlikely that you and your spouse will even agree on how to save it, if you are both blaming each other.

If you'd like more detailed advice and processes for assessing your marriage, you should check out a program called 'Save the Marriage,' which has a comprehensive array of marriage topics such as  communication, assessment, dealing with arguments, how you can transform your relationship, and many more.

5 Signs Your Marriage May Be Over

Let us say from the outset that if you recognize any one of the following in your marriage, that does not mean it is definitely doomed, however, it may be in serious trouble, which means it needs fixing. We should also point out that even if none of them apply, there may be other factors that are causing strains on your relationship with your spouse.

This is why the assessment of your marriage we mentioned in the previous section is so important in order for you to identify any other signs that your marriage is in trouble.

You No Longer Share Your Thoughts and Feelings

When two people are married, and strongly in love, the level of trust between them is massive. This means that they can openly discuss, not just day to day matters, but also share their feelings, thoughts, and emotions on any subject without fear of being judged or for these personal outpourings being used as a weapon against them in some future argument.

When a marriage is in serious trouble, the trust is often lost between a couple, so that no matter how much emotional pain one might have, or if they have a personal problem they need to discuss, it is all kept bottled up. If you no longer feel close enough to your spouse to open up to them, then your marriage is in serious danger of ending because how else can you both discuss how you feel about each other, and your marriage, to repair it?

You Visualize Life Without Your Spouse

If you find yourself increasingly thinking of, and imaging, being apart from your spouse, then it is a clear sign that all is not well in your marriage. This can happen to various degrees, from simply wanting to spend more time alone, to fantasizing you being apart and in a relationship with someone else.

That may not be any specific person, however, if you increasingly wish to be with someone you know, rather than with your spouse, then your marriage needs help before that fantasy becomes a reality.

Every Discussion Ends in an Argument

All married couples have rows from time to time, but they can often have a positive effect as both parties get to air their views, clear the air, and move on. Where rows become an issue, is when each discussion or slight disagreement escalates into a full-blown argument every single time.

What this can lead to is bitterness and resentment, which are hardly the grounds for a marriage to be strong. More importantly, continued arguments often force a married couple to stop communicating in any meaningful way, which puts them on the slippery slope to divorce.

Desire for Sex is One-Sided

Desire for Sex is One-Sided

Sex and intimacy are regarded as an important part of any successful and loving marriage, and often one of the first signs that a marriage is in trouble, is when a couple's sexual relationship is diminished. In many cases, this occurs because one of two partners have less and less desire to be intimate, while the other still does.

When one spouse has a desire for sex but is forever rejected by their partner, it is certainly going to cause fault lines within that marriage to increase. Perhaps the biggest danger is that the rejected spouse looks for their sexual desires to be fulfilled elsewhere, and very few marriages can withstand one spouse cheating on the other.

You Feel Alone and Isolated

A marriage is meant to be a partnership between two people who love each other unreservedly and will support their spouse in every possible way, without question. When a marriage is potentially over, that love and support may have completed evaporated, to the point where either, or both partners, fell totally isolated and very lonely.

 Loneliness is one of the most negative emotions any person can feel, and to feel that way in a marriage simply amplifies the pain of it. If you can no longer turn to your spouse for advice, or if they do not show that they will support you emotionally, then it would seem that marriage has all but ended.


While you may have recognized one or more of these scenarios in your own marriage, and admittedly they can signify that your marriage may be over, it is not inevitable that you are going to end up as another divorce statistic.

That will depend on whether or not you genuinely want to save your marriage. If you do it is never too late to start taking steps to save your marriage, provided you and your spouse want to.

You may be wondering where to start, and a great place would be the 'Save the Marriage' system which is one of the most comprehensive programs currently available to help couples save, and then enhance, their marriage. It covers everything from assessing your marriage, creating a plan to save it, and then what steps to take to make it happen.

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