What to Do When You are Not Happy in Your Marriage

What to Do When You are Not Happy in Your Marriage
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Having an emotional, supportive partner by your side is an essential thing, and being a part of a happy relationship will allow you to push through difficult situations. While some people enjoy a regular relationship that is not defined by titles and agreements, others enjoy the opportunity to be in a marriage.

And indeed, a wedding is a beautiful way to put a crown on your lasting relationship, and start a new chapter in your life – marriage.

While the wedding day is a unique experience and for most people, something that they remember decades after, the rest of the marriage might not go all that smoothly. And, in the times we are living in, it seems that a global trend is emerging – the increasing percentage of divorced marriages.

To be accurate, every third couple divorces in the course of the first 10 years after they have married. This result can raise a lot of questions, with the main one being – is marriage worth it and what should you do if you are unhappy?

Most of the people seem to work better before marrying and there is a clear reason why – marriage puts you at a legal frame and things seem to get more serious and formal once you are a married couple.

On the other hand, a regular relationship is much easier to break up and recover. Still, a marriage doesn’t have to fail and even if things are not working out from the beginning there are still steps you can take to correct that.

Save the Marriage’ is here to help, but first, let’s take a look at a few signs that you aren’t happy and what you can do about it.

Signals That You Aren’t Happy With Your Marriage

Signals That You Aren’t Happy With Your Marriage

Before moving on to tips on how to save your unhappy marriage, there are a few signals to look at and know if you are living in one.

It is okay to argue about things now and then, but if arguing becomes a part of your daily routine, that is a sign that things might not be working out as good as it initially did. And arguing, in general, can significantly affect your mental health – let’s be honest, no one is coming out of such a fight as a winner.

While sex doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker, it is still important in a functional relationship and marriage, and if it seems like your sex life doesn’t exist, then you can be sure that your marriage is not working out. Did you have a better time in the bedroom while you were in a regular relationship? What has changed since then?

If you don’t feel supported and you feel lonely multiple times during the day, that means that something is not working out. You and your partner should be there for each other at any given moment, and if you don’t feel such a connection, then it is time to shake things up.

One of the best guides on how to do it is offered through the ‘Save the Marriage’ system.

Money can be a problem, and if you are coming from a low-earning couple, it can represent a huge issue and a reason to argue. If you find that your fights are mostly about incomes and spending money, it is time to openly discuss how can you both contribute more.

Last but not least – if you do find yourself renewing contact with your ex or a friend you once liked, it is a sign that something in your marriage is not working out. As long as you are willing to take the risk and flirt with them, it should be a red flag that both of you need to react to.

How to Recover an Unhappy Marriage

How to Recover an Unhappy Marriage

Yes, we know, it might seem like your marriage is at the point of no return and that your only two options are that you can either let it stay the way it is or simply go for a divorce.

But this kind of a mindset is wrong – unless there is a serious reason for divorce (you are seriously being mentally affected by it or physically abused, etc.), you should give your marriage another shot.

Now, you may be thinking about visiting a marriage consultant and while that can provide you with some valuable tips, it is still up to you two solve the issue openly. A guide such as ‘Save the Marriage’ has excellent suggestions on what you can do and how to approach the problem.

First and foremost, you should become a team once more. Instead of arguing about things, make important decisions together and act in a way that is best for both of you.

It is much better to openly consult with your partner on something than to do it without their knowledge as this can break their trust and can create further problems.

You should look to start over and find ways to reconnect. The same as we should all reconnect to nature, you should light that fire up once again.

Whether it is going out for a romantic dinner, a picnic in a middle of the workday, or enjoying a hobby together, you should do your best to find common interests that will improve your bond.

If you start putting your marriage problems under a carpet, you are only creating a bigger issue that will explode at some point. Instead, you should openly talk about the thing that you are not satisfied with and try to find a simple solution. Believe us, every kind of problem can be solved with a discussion and rational thinking.

Get your sex life back on track! As we have mentioned before, chances are your sex life is suffering throughout your marriage – go ahead and change that.

Try out something new, explore your fantasies, include some roleplay, and simply let your senses roam free. A satisfied sexual drive plays a huge role in a healthy marriage.

Last but not least, while you should talk openly about things that are not working out, you should still keep a positive mindset – find a few examples of things that are working out great in your marriage and learn lessons from it.

​Final Thoughts

While marriage does differ from a dating relationship in many ways, it still shouldn’t represent a threat. If you feel like getting married, you should absolutely go for it without fear.

And, while the percentage of divorced couples is increasing, it is mostly due to the fact that people simply don’t try to shake things up and they give up before they have even really given it a go.

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