How to Reconnect to Your Husband

How to Reconnect to Your Husband
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Since a very young age, you have probably thought about, dreamed, and imagined how spectacular your wedding day will be. And indeed, it is one of the best moments in the life of many – a big celebration that occurs on the day you formalize your relationship with the person with you love the most.

Your family members and friends are there, everyone is so happy for you and your partner, and it seems like that honeymoon is to be just what you need.

Yes, the beginning of almost every marriage is phenomenal, and it looks like something from a Disney fairytale ... An enthusiastic couple so in love that the next natural step is marriage.

At that point nobody thinks that there is a good reason why couples seem to fall apart once they have formalized their relationship with such an event, even if they have been together happily for years prior.

While marriage doesn’t have to be a failure, for most people it imposes strict bonds and they simply don’t feel the freedom they once had. Along with that, children come along and everything seems to turn on its head.

Still, it is not the marriage itself that is a problem, but the way people approach it and think of it. You probably think that once you are married it is time to get more serious and grown-up (in a boring way) ... It is not true, and that particular mindset is the reason why marriages don’t turn out to be successful.

Nothing has to change – yet for some reason it does. Save the Marriage is here to help, but first, let’s take a look at a few red flags that you have disconnected from your husband and what you can do about it.

Red Flags Indicating That You Have Disconnected From Your Husband

Red Flags Indicating That You Have Disconnected From Your Husband

As mentioned above, marriage doesn’t have to be bad – but for some people, it only serves as an additional obstacle to overcome. You can still remain in a fun relationship, and even improve your bond if you stay supportive of each other and keep up individual interests.

Still, as time passes, people forget to nurture their relationship and they take it for granted – and that is where things start to fall apart. Here are 3 red flags to look out for.

  • If you are feeling lonely and unsupported on a daily basis, it is a big signal that things between you and your husband aren’t working out. Whether it is due to a lack of communication or a simple loss of interest in each other, such a feeling is something that should immediately be addressed.
  • Your sex life is suffering and you are not doing anything about it. Before marriage, things were working out perfectly, but now it seems that he is not as interested in having sex as he once was? Weird, right? Well, it might be time to shake things up and make him fall in love and lust with you once again.
  • Arguing on a daily basis for the most ridiculous things is a big part of the disconnecting process, and it is yet another signal that you have a problem.

How to Recover Your Husband’s Interest Once Again

We can’t blame only one side for a failing marriage as usually both partners are guilty (maybe one more than the other, but still). That is why nothing but an open discussion is going to work.

If you still love your husband and don’t to put away all the beautiful moments that you have experienced together, it is time that you step out and do something for your marriage. While counseling with an expert or your friends may be of help we still recommend checking out a guide such as ‘Save the Marriage,’ as it can provide you with amazing tips and courage to go ahead and shake up the routine.

First and foremost, you should erase everything that has happened in your marriage so far and start over. Be as kind as you were in the beginning of your relationship and show daily appreciation for even the smallest things.

It is as simple as telling your husband how much you love him and wishing him a good workday. Believe us, those tiny details may play a huge role in the reconnection process. Show how much you value every second spent with him and then let him prove that he is worth your appreciation.

How to Recover Your Husband’s Interest Once Again

It is time to stop taking things for granted. While the interests of you both should be respected in a healthy marriage, you may have gotten lost in ensuring that his needs are taken care of.

Surprise him and go with him to his favorite restaurant, to a movie, or to a hobby he would usually enjoy on the weekdays. It can be as simple as turning off your favorite TV show to enjoy a nice bath with him that he requested many days ago.

You should prioritize your husband to be on top of your list – yes, even before your children. Why? Because a healthy marriage will result in happy children that will be able to look up to good parental figures.

If you have messed up in the past it is time to ask for forgiveness. We all make mistakes and the virtue is to accept that and be kind enough to apologize.

The ‘Save the Marriage guide has some great tips on how to approach a wronged situation, and let your husband know your intentions of improving your marriage are honest. And the best way is to start off by changing patterns and what you would usually see as a routine. Get that sexual drive back in your bedroom and be ready to explore new areas and fulfill his fantasies (in a mutual way, of course).

Last but not least, if you want to get your connection back on track, you should surround yourself with people that are a great example of a functional marriage and learn lessons from their relationship.

​Final Thoughts

Yes, you might feel lonely and disconnected from your husband, but that doesn’t mean it is time to give up on your marriage. If he truly means to you, it is time to step up and fight with all that you have got.

Start over, enjoy small things, show gratitude and kindness, and you will be on a great way to reconnecting with your husband and recovering your once-healthy relationship.

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