Signs of a Failing Marriage

Signs of a Failing Marriage
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If we were to list every single possible sign that a marriage may be over, it could run to dozens of pages. The simple fact is that marriages end for all sorts of reasons, and for each one of these, the signs of their existence may differ from couple to couple.

In this article, we will highlight some of the more common signs that a marriage is failing, with the caveat that no single one of them definitively means a marriage is over, but merely that it could be heading that way unless the couple in question act to save that marriage.

Gradual Failure

One thing to be aware of is that almost all the signs that a marriage is failing do not happen suddenly or out of the blue, but instead they build over time. The problems arise when only one of the two spouses in a marriage notices them. This often leads the person who is oblivious to the problems building up being totally shocked when the other suddenly tells them they want a divorce.

This point and many others relating to how you can identify problems within a marriage are explained in much greater detail within the 'Save the Marriage' system. It has numerous modules and reports which cover everything from the first signs of a marriage being in trouble, all the way through to transforming it for the better.

Every Disagreement Becomes a Full-Blown Row

Every Disagreement Becomes a Full-Blown Row

When a couple is in love, and their marriage is thriving, not agreeing about everything doesn't seem to matter. Even if they disagree about something, they agree to differ and move on.

When a marriage is in trouble, even the slightest disagreements escalate quickly, to the point where a full on argument ensues.  Often, that argument will end up not even being about the original subject, as each person brings up other matters that they wish to argue about.

If things get so bad, you will find one partner deliberately seeking out even the smallest of disagreements so that they can fuel their desire to have an argument with their spouse.

Sex-Life Becomes Non-Existent

When a married couple no longer has sex together, this is a definite sign that their marriage is in trouble. This tends to be a gradual process, rather than one or the other suddenly refusing to be intimate with their spouse.

It may be that the frequency with which they have sex reduces over time with more instances of one of them claiming to be too tired, or some other excuse to avoid having sex with a spouse that they are falling out of love with.

You Constantly Find Fault with Each Other

In a strong and loving marriage, compliments and encouragement are plentiful, and even when one spouse may do something wrong, the other is quick to forgive them. This is not the case in a failing marriage.

What tends to happen there is that no matter what the other does, it is never right. This can lead to each spouse actively seeking ways with which to find fault with the other, simply to give them an excuse to criticize or even insult them.

Being Single Again, Is Always on Your Mind

If your marriage is dying, but you are still living with your spouse, it is often the case that you will constantly be thinking about you being rid of them and living on your own once more.

This may even have got the point where you start to actively research apartments, or where you might stand legally and financially if you were to split up, especially in circumstances where you jointly own your property, for example.

You might also find yourself, effectively living a single life, whereby you come and go as you please, without any reference to your spouse. You may even have gone as far as cheating on them, as in your mind you are already single again. At this point, your marriage is certainly failing.

Lines of Communication Have Been Lost

When you and your spouse are no longer communicating in any meaningful way, then your marriage is in serious trouble. What we are referring to hear are not mundane communications such as asking for the remote control or telling them you need to use the car tomorrow.

The sort of communication we mean is where both of you can have open, frank, and often deeply meaningful conversions, where you feel comfortable discussing your feelings and emotions.

Couples in a marriage which is failing do not open up to each other in the way they once did, which ironically could be one of the ways that they could save their marriage. Opening up to each other about how they feel especially in regard to their marriage is a huge first step in saving it.

You Don't Seem to Have Anything in Common Anymore

You Don't Seem to Have Anything in Common Anymore

Often, what brings a couple together in the first place, are their shared interests and passions. These can come from a broad range of subjects such as the music they love listening to, favorite holiday destinations, sports and hobbies, favorite TV shows, and even their political views.

As the relationship starts to unravel, it will often be the case that those common interests are no longer shared, and increasingly each spouse's likes and dislikes gradually move in different directions.

When each individual in a marriage has a completely differing list of interests and passions, it does not bode well for that marriage continuing very much longer.

You Don't Care Anymore Whether Your Marriage Works

While at one end of the spectrum you might have somebody who knows their marriage is in danger, but who then fights passionately to save it, at the other end you have someone who simply does not care anymore whether it survives or dies. If you feel this same apathy is a very telling sign that even if your marriage had a chance of being saved, you do not really care if it does or not.


​These have been just some of the numerous signs that a marriage is failing, and as we said previously, many of them tend to happen gradually as each spouse grows further apart from the other in their marriage.

If you use the 'Save the Marriage,' you will find a lot more detail and information on identifying if your marriage is failing, and a whole raft of ideas and advice on how you can save your marriage too, if that is what you wish to do.

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